DEMO: Teaching Hospital in North Okkalapa

North Okkalapa Township is building a teaching hospital to train medical personnel for the Yangon region.

Myanmar healthcare systems have drastically evolved with recent changes of political and administrative systems. Although the healthcare systems are a mixture of public and private sectors both in the aspects of finance and supply, MoH remains the major provider of healthcare services.

The MoH, Ministry of Education, and Ministry of Defence are responsible for the training and production of different categories of health workforce for the whole population. There is no private medical university in Myanmar. Under the MoH and Ministry of Education, health professionals are being produced by 15 universities and 46 nursing and midwifery training schools. There are a medical school and an allied university under the Ministry of Defence. Currently, 39 doctorate courses, 12 PhD courses, 47 master courses, and 12 diploma courses are provided in medical and allied universities.

According to World Health Organization (WHO) health statistics, in 2013–2014 the number of doctors, nurses and midwives, and dental surgeons per 100,000 population in Myanmar were 61, 100, and 7, respectively, while in South-East Asia as a whole there were 59, 153, and 10, respectively. The healthcare in Myanmar remains short staffed.

Invest in the project to build a better healthcare system for the Yangon community.


Mahendra Jenkins
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  • Municipal Bond (8%) + Medical Voucher