DEMO: Temple Restoration in Bahan Township

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Temple Restoration in Bahan Township

Maintenance and repair are needed to tackle the inevitable decay and deterioration of building fabric that occurs because of climatic conditions, wear and tear by building users, neglect or other threats.

In 2016, Myanmar was hit by a 6.8 magnitude earthquake. It claimed three lives and scared many witless. In Bagan, more than 180 ancient temples were badly damaged. Restoration work on the remaining 2,000-odd temples covering 80 square kilometers at Bagan.

The Bahan Township will collect data about the damaged pagodas and after it has documented the situation on the ground, it can repair the high-priority pagodas. The world heritage renovation principles should be followed.



What is Maintenance?

Maintenance can be defined as “routine work necessary to keep the fabric of a place in good order.

The main objective of maintenance is to limit deterioration. Inspections carried out at regular intervals, coupled with prompt action to pre-empt or remedy problems, are the basis of effective maintenance.

Maintenance is cost-effective, the time and money spent on routine care, regular surveys and minor repairs protect the value of the building. Good maintenance also helps to ensure the health and safety of building users and the general public.

Although it is often seen as mundane, maintenance forms a cornerstone of building conservation.

What is repair?

Repair can be defined as “work beyond the scope of maintenance, to remedy defects caused by decay, damage or use, including minor adaptation to achieve a sustainable outcome, but not involving alteration or restoration.”

Repair is normally carried out to sustain the significance of the building or place. Equally important in most cases is keeping the building in use, which is the best way to safeguard its future.

In order to sustain significance you first need to understand the values that contribute to that significance and then how the elements that will be affected by repair contribute to those values.


What is restoration?

Restoration is returning a building to “a known earlier state, on the basis of compelling evidence, without conjecture”. A number of criteria are set out which normally make restoration acceptable.

These criteria include:

  • Weighing up the effect of change restoration work would bring to the heritage values of the building
  • Compelling evidence for the restoration work
  • The form of the building as it currently exists is not the result of a historically significant event.
  • The proposed work respects previous forms of the place
  • The maintenance implications of the proposed restoration are considered to be sustainable

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