DEMO: Public Wifi Network in Ahlone

Ahlone is building a free wifi network for public access at the heart of our township. Invest in this project to speed up the development process.

Benefits of free wifi:

1. Not everyone can afford 3G and 4G connectivity with net neutrality a lost cause in Myanmar. Free Wi-Fi would mean good savings of the common people and even those who need an internet connection but could not afford it would benefit greatly from it.

2. Students and youth can benefit largely from free public Wi-Fi. They can easily refer to e-books and online learning methods while on the go. With distance learning becoming popular in India, cost of data has always posed a problem. Broadband compromises speed and 3G/4G is priced beyond affordability.

3. One look at the internet tariff plans of private telecoms and you know you have to limit your data usage to the least if speed is desired too. Downloading data and browsing internet has to be restricted to only a few MBs with good speed.

4. In emergency situations free Wi-Fi can work wonders. Earthquake in Nepal and adjoining areas of Myanmar recently left people short of communication measures to check on near and dear ones. While mobile phone and internet connectivity was a lost cause for hours in some and days altogether in many areas, it was a long spell of apprehensions for people trying to get in touch with their loved ones.

5. Internet has opened various ways in which people can develop their skills and businesses. Easy and free access is important for the middle and lower class to benefit from the wonders of internet.

6. Security tools and measures can be implemented to keep users protected from threats of hacking and cyber crimes. An expert team into safety measures can solve the problem and people can stay alert by not connecting to any other free Wi-Fi that does not call for SMS verification

Gisilbert Hepburn
$375 - Municipal Bond (3%) + Premium Speed Wifi Connection
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  • Municipal Bond (3%) + Premium Speed Wifi Connection