DEMO: Mobile Medical Team in Kyauktan

Unfortunately this project hasn't been funded on time!

Kyauktan General Administrative Department is seeking your help to build three mobile medical teams in the region.

Almost 70% of the population resides in rural areas. Basic health staff are the main health care providers for them. Generally, one rural health center (RHC) has four sub-centers. The staff is made up of one public health supervisor grade I at the RHC, four public health supervisors grade II (one at each sub-center), five midwives (one at the RHC and one at each sub-center), one lady health visitor at the RHC, and one health assistant at the RHC. The basic health staff is responsible for maternal and child health (clinic or homecare), school health, nutritional promotion, immunization, community health education, environmental sanitation, disease surveillance and control, treatments of common illnesses, referral services, birth and death registration, and training of volunteer health workers (community health workers and auxillary midwives). These health workers face many challenges in their effort to reach out to the remote villages, with meager resources and support.

Fund this initiative to safeguard our community with better healthcare.


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