DEMO: Railway expansion in Yangon Region

Myanmar’s Yangon Central Railway Station comprehensive development project is expected to be launched.

According to the Myanmar Railways, the resettlement action plan and the conceptual plan have already been drawn.

Under a plan of massive transformation of the railway station into one of the city’s most sparkling new projects, the Myanmar authorities invited local and international investors in 2014 to undertake design-and-build work for the comprehensive development of the over 130-year-old railway station in accordance with international rules and regulations.

Meanwhile, the rail transport authorities has planned privatization of Yangon city circular train as part of its efforts to effectively run the rail transport business under the build, operate and transfer (BOT) system.

Myanmar Railways (MR)

Myanma Railways (MR) is the state-owned agency that operates the railway network in Myanmar. The 5,403-kilometre (3,357 mi) metre gauge rail network consists of 858 stations, and generally spans north to south with branch lines to east and west. MR also operates the Yangon Circular Railway line, Yangon’s commuter rail network. MR operates 18 freight trains, and 379 passenger trains, transporting over 100,000 passengers daily.

So far, the following 2 new lines are under exapansion:
1. Lanmadaw- Kamaryut –Dagon with a distance of 94.87 Miles to allow the passengers and cargo to reach Dagon by rails rather by the Irrawaddy flotilla service. So far, the opened section is 37.06 Miles while the other 57.81 Miles is still under construction.

2. Latha- Ahlone with a distance of 94.71 Miles. So far, the opened section is 65.22 Miles while the other 29.49 Miles is still under construction.





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