DEMO: Street Lighting in Taikkyi

Taikkyi is expanding its street light network to ensure your loved ones return home safely.

Street lighting is not actually aimed at showing the way directly ahead of the automobile; the car lights do that. But it does illuminate adjoining areas and the emergence of possible hazards from the side.

Pole height is extremely important in the way that light is distributed, so transportation engineers typically want to mount the lights higher on higher-speed roads.

To be safe for drivers, light needs to be relatively constant. We know our eyes adjust faster to going out into the sun than to walking into darkness. For awhile when we enter a dark room, our vision is impaired.

Driving from a well-lit area to a dark one produces this effect. So ideally if an area must be illuminated, the globes are mounted on high poles fairly close together so that the light stays constant, and the eyes are not continuously readjusting for different levels of brightness.

For pedestrians, the goal often is illuminating the walkway itself. Extra dark spots along sidewalks can be created by a variety of conditions, including trees, rows of large shrubbery, odd geometrics of the streets, parking patterns, a tall church steeple or other building permitted in a residential neighborhood, or a host of other potential influences.



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