DEMO: Village based mini power grid in Twantay

Twantay is building mini power grids in a number of villages to support our community’s development.

Myanmar’s consumption of electricity is expected to experience substantial growth. The government is prioritizing its stable, efficient, and affordable supply. While the country has abundant energy resources, including renewable alternatives, hydropower remains the main source of fuel for electricity requirements, followed by natural gas and coal. Although the country’s electricity consumption increased sharply between 2000 (3.5 terawatt hours [TWh]) and 2013 (10.1 TWh), its per capita electricity consumption (160 kWh in 2013) is still one of the lowest among its regional peers. It is estimated that around 10–15 million people still have no access to electricity and around 12 million rely on traditional biomass for lighting and cooking.

Invest with us such that your village will be part of the power grid project.

Zadok Martin
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