DEMO: Vocational Training Centre in Shwepyithar

Shwepyithar is building a vocational training centre to boost the competitiveness of our township. Invest with us so that you will be able to invest in yourself for a brighter future.

The vocational training centre focuses on mechanics and computer literacy training, two of the most in demand skills in Myanmar’s current economy.

With the lack of practical education, mechanics are forced to work under tutelage in workshops for several years before they can be formally employed. The vocational training centre will provide 100 students per year the chance to be ready to go straight into employment upon graduation.

Computer literacy is becoming increasingly important under Myanmar’s digitisation. The use of Microsoft Office technologies such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, Burmese input, emails, graphic design software have all become an integral part of a modern office job. The vocational training centre will provide courses to help you and your family to rise above the competition to get your dream job.

Whether you are a parent who wishes your children success or a owner of local business who wishes to partner with us, invest now to help us empower this community.

Overview of Myanmar Vocational Training Landscape

The current context requires Myanmar to pay more attention/special consideration to vocational training as a tool to develop its human resources in light of the capacity needs for driving the economy, ensuring a systematised approach to the activity. The country has already seen a total of 13 ministries including the Ministry of Education conducting TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) courses at 247 training schools. And more than 210 courses on 16 types of TVET are being opened by the private sector according to the official data. The Centre for Vocational Training (CVT) located in Botataung Township in Yangon and the Singapore-Myanmar Vocational Training Institute (SMVTI) situated in Bahan Township also in Yangon are two well-known vocational training providers established by foreign assistance, CVT Myanmar being Swiss-backed and SMVTI being a Singaporean contribution to Myanmar’s human resource development.

Yet, Myanmar needs to expand the current vocational training environment and intensify the system if it wants to successfully overcome the scarcity of skilled labour in industries and avoid the future economic woes that may result from the implications of longterm labour shortage and the recruitment of un-professionalized or unprepared staff in the workforce. The government is responsible to undertake a more focused and comprehensive management of vocational training by reviewing and leveraging the existing resources. A wide range of activities aimed at the improvement of local vocational training community should be initiated by the government – such as building connections between training providers and exchange of teaching methods and educational ideas, developing strategies that outreach the youth to access to training, strengthening relations between training institutions and the labour market (academia-industry linkages), encouraging the training institutions through the supportive measures of local authorities, making concerted efforts to standardise the training curricula and setting up evaluation mechanisms to examine the impact of training.


Radomir Barbieri
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