DEMO: Waste Collection Upgrade in Mingalartaungnyunt

Unfortunately this project hasn't been funded on time!

Mingalartaungnyunt General Administrative Department is inviting you to support us cleaning our neighbourhood.

Municipal solid waste collection systems in Myanmar cities can largely be characterized as labour intensive, relying on the use of both manual workers and non-specialised vehicles. Waste collection capacity, as measured by the ratio of solid waste collected to total waste generated, has been increasing for many major cities. In general, the current waste collection system includes primary and secondary collection. Primary collection takes place in different forms such as door-to-door (bell collection), block, and container collection methods. The primary waste collection system is carried out either or in combination of push carts and tri-bicycles while secondary collection system is performed mainly with tipper trucks (dumpers).

Investing in this project will enable us to buy more tipper trucks to collect waste more efficiently, bringing you a cleaner environment in no time.


Theodor Jeffery
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