DEMO: Municipal Wireless Networks in Bahan

Unfortunately this project hasn't been funded on time!

The Bahan government wants to improve worker productivity, make the city more attractive to businesses, bolster the economy, bridge the digital divide or do all these things with one network.

Wireless Basics

The early days of home Internet access required using a modem connected to a computer to dial a number and maintain a connection. It was cumbersome and slow. The faster modems became, the more people realized how painfully sluggish data transmission had been in the days of 300 baud. Eventually, home users who could afford a jump in price could get broadband access via digital subscriber lines (DSL), cable and satellite.

Broadband access is faster than dial-up, but until recently you still to plug your computer into a wall jack or a piece of equipment. Wireless networking, or WiFi has changed all that. Wireless networks use 802.11 networking standards to allow devices to communicate. In a WiFi network, data travels from place to place via radio waves. You still have to physically connect a wireless router to a modem, but you can move your computer from place to place.

802.11 networking uses the unlicensed radio spectrum to send and receive data. Many other parts of the spectrum, such as the bands that carry radio and TV signals, require a license to use. The unlicensed spectrum is accessible to anyone who has the right equipment. In the case of wireless computer networking, that’s a wireless router and wireless technology in the device you’re using.

Now, the Bahan government has begun setting up municipal wireless networks.



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