How it works

MM Community allows local people to invest in the local based community projects approved by the government in return for municipal bonds.


Every citizen can submit a specific community development proposal for approval.


Municipal bond is a low risk investment for investors to earn a fixed interest. Project specific investor perks may also be offered.


How can MM Community help to build the community? What is the risk of investing in a project? Please read our FAQ to know more.




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DEMO: Vocational Traini...
by Shwepyithar General Administration Department (Sample)

Shwepyithar is building a vocational training centre to boost the competitiveness of our township. Invest with...

  • 3%funded
  • $90,000target
  • 207 days to go
DEMO: Water Supply and ...
by Htantabin General Administration Department (Sample)

Project Development Objective The objective of the Water Supply and Sanitation Project (WSSP) is to increase a...

  • 0%funded
  • $25,000target
  • Ended Unsuccessful
DEMO: Lay Daungkan Road...
by Thingangyun General Administration Department (Sample)

The Thingangyun Township would like to have a maintenance in the Lay Daungkan Road. Lay Daungkan Road has a Wa...

  • 0%funded
  • $60,000target
  • Ended Unsuccessful
DEMO: Municipal Wireles...
by Bahan General Administration Department (Sample)

The Bahan government wants to improve worker productivity, make the city more attractive to businesses, bolste...

  • 0%funded
  • $20,000target
  • Ended Unsuccessful
DEMO: High School in Hl...
by Hlegu General Administration Department (Sample)

Help us educate our next generation in Hlegu by building a high school in our township. With an increasing nee...

  • 0%funded
  • $60,000target
  • Ended Unsuccessful
DEMO: 220 MW Solar Powe...
by Taikkyi General Administration Department (Sample)

Myanmar’s adoption of solar is arguably one of the fastest in history. This project would also boost the Myanm...

  • 0%funded
  • $200,000target
  • Ended Unsuccessful
DEMO: Dredging Lake in ...
by Mayangone General Administration Department (Sample)

Where is all the Clean Water? The process that occurs when sediment fills a lake or other body of water is kno...

  • 12%funded
  • $22,000target
  • Ended Unsuccessful
DEMO: Construction of a...
by Thaketa General Administration Department (Sample)

Project description Subject of the call to promoters for expressions of interest in concluding a public–privat...

  • 0%funded
  • $20,000target
  • Ended Unsuccessful
DEMO: Railway expansion...
by Kyauktada General Administration Department (Sample)

Myanmar’s Yangon Central Railway Station comprehensive development project is expected to be launched. A...

  • 45%funded
  • $40,000target
  • 253 days to go
DEMO: Construction of t...
by South Okkalapa General Administration Department (Sample)

Myanmar has the potential for more than 100 GW of hydropower, of which only 3 GW has been developed so far. Th...

  • 0%funded
  • $150,000target
  • 960 days to go
DEMO: Temple Restoratio...
by Bahan General Administration Department (Sample)

Temple Restoration in Bahan Township Maintenance and repair are needed to tackle the inevitable decay and dete...

  • 39%funded
  • $50,000target
  • Ended Unsuccessful
DEMO: Fibre Optics Netw...
by Yangon City Development Committee (Sample)

The Yangon City Development Committee is partnering with the private sector to build a broadband and fixed tel...

  • 10%funded
  • $750,000target
  • 79 days to go

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Each and every community based project is the independent creation of #someone like you.
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